“Deanne has incredible anatomical knowledge and was very quick to identify my nerve impingement. Through her impeccable work ethic, and sincere care, she was able to help me regain normal range of motion. Her stretching and relaxation techniques have enabled me to continue to function with minimal pain and restriction. I highly recommend her services.”


“Deanne was instrumental in helping my 80 year old mother heal, rejuvenate and thrive after a hospitalization. She used Therapeutic techniques, measured her pain and progress and adjusted her exercise plan as needed. Most importantly she took a holistic approach with my mother. Deanne is personable, a great listener and extremely positive. She created a special relationship with Mom and I would recommend her services to everyone.”


“I was lucky to have Deanne as a personal trainer, and also attended her yoga class. I would highly recommend her, I was very impressed with all her knowledge when it comes to exercise. Deanne is very mindful of her customer’s needs, I love the passion she brings to her training.”


“I was very happy with Deanne’s training and would recommend her to anyone. She has a wonderful personality and easily adapts to anyone’s needs. She can train in a variety of ways depending upon what you are looking for from strength training and yoga to myofascial work and more. Highly recommended!”


“Deanne makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I love attending yoga and/or Pilates and always feel more relaxed and balanced when I’m done. I also greatly enjoyed pregnancy yoga and relaxation sessions. Deanne helped me stay at ease with prenatal exercises, stretches, and meditations. My baby is so calm. Can’t wait to do more!”


“I tried yoga for the first time a couple of weeks ago with Deanne, and it was absolutely incredible. It was my very first time doing yoga, ever. She made it fun and challenging, without being intimidating. I’m brand new to working out in the first place, and I absolutely fell in love with yoga! And my whole body felt the work out the next day. I’ll definitely be going again!”


“Highly recommend the prenatal yoga class! It was so relaxing and perfect for beginners (like myself).”


“Thanks for working on my shoulder you were my last hope, you truly have the healing touch! Your massages greatly reduce my pain and enhance my movement!”


“I came to Deanne following chemotherapy for cancer. Following chemo, I was so weak that I could barely walk and struggled to breath. My body was in pain constantly and right leg could hardly bend. I was very short of breath even after walking short distances. Deanne designed a personal training program to gradually get my stiff and painful joints moving, she guided my arms and legs as I exercised, taught me how to deeply breath, and even helped to position me so I could succeed in my exercises. She checked my vital signs often and adjusted my activities so I would not get too tired. Soon, I was walking longer distances, and my shortness of breath improved. She showed me how to be careful with my joints and soon I was not limping. I was overjoyed to walk around Lake Mirror THREE times. I lost 3 sizes in my clothes and feel like a million bucks! Boy, I did accomplish everything and even more. My happiness with Deanne is hard to put into words. I rate her as outstanding, excellent, and she exceeded my expectations!!! Cancer patients like myself should see her for training, because noone really tells you what chemo can do to you, because chemotherapy can leave you with bad side effects like those I endured. Deanne’s medical knowledge was amazing. Also, anyone who wants to improve their health will benefit from her services. She’s witty, fun, gregarious, smooth, prompt, pays attention to your needs, and sweet!!!! She always told me “You can make it” and I did! People like you, and with the help of my family helped me improve my health. Thank you and with love!”


“I am 79 years old, 6’ 2”, 260 lbs. and have suffered back problems resulting from a severe fall. I have tried lumbar epidurals, spinal decompression, lumbar radio frequency ablation and three separates spinal fusion surgeries. Over the 4 year course of recovery, my neurosurgeon has recommended eight in home and out-patient physical therapy sessions. I am therefore qualified to recognize sub-par and excellent physical therapy care. I am currently being treated by Mrs. Deanne DeForest, MSOT, BFA, CPT as my physical trainer/occupational therapist/medical fitness partner. From my first encounter with Mrs. DeForest, she is the only one to take a complete medical history, blood pressure readings and outline a course of treatment to achieve your aspirations. I have found her to be exceptional in her knowledge of kinesiology, muscular skeleton functions,, strength training, flexibility and emotional support. I would further juxtapose that Mr. DeForest is the criteria of reference as to how other physical therapists/trainers should structure their recovery programs. Not only is she engaging and concerned with your health but extremely efficient, thorough, courteous and professional in her treatment. When you leave her care, not only will your general health be superior but you will have found a new found friend.”


“I am a 60 yr old male with several debilitating health issues. Post radiation treatment of throat cancer has given me some interesting ailments of my neck, shoulders and arms. Deanne has personalized a program for me at my home that has been more beneficial than any other type of treatments that I have tried over the past couple years. Through using a combination of personal training and several types of muscle stretching and tension release a couple days a week she has been able significantly reduce my pain, free up muscle stiffness and help my breathing keeping my lungs clearer. This allows me to minimize the amount of drugs that I have to take especially for aches and pains. She stays abreast of my doctors recommendations and my doctors have encouraged me to keep with her program due to its benefits. This has given me a much more desirable outlook on life and my personal health.”


“I have been working out with Deanne for about 8 months now, at first I had very limited mobility and pain in my right knee. Now I my knee has full mobility. I am great physical condition with no pain in my right knee. I am alternating workout and myofascial stretching and relaxation each week. Prior to my contact with Deanne, she helped my husband maintain his mobility and strength with his diagnosis of ALS.”


“Working full time, I’m blessed with generally good health, fully engaged and very active. For many decades (now age 72) the ravages of rheumatoid- and osteo- arthritis have imposed constant painful limitations. Introduce Bodysong Wellness to my life: I brought hurting, swollen, noisy joints throughout my body to Deanne DeForest, and a relatively short time later, I’m experiencing unprecedented movement, flexibility, and comfort. I can stand longer, sit longer, and walk further. I’m sensing reduction of physical and emotional stress. Precisely targeted stretching, multifaceted massage, and label-defying therapy are yielding ‘advancing youth’ in my person. I’m reducing use of prescriptions and frequency of specialized medical attention. Thus, when the objective is wellness of the total person, the benefits of working with Bodysong Wellness are unique and comprehensively different. The breadth and depth of knowledge, expertise and caring infused in therapy with/by Ms. DeForest is a multidisciplined experience in healing and comfort of the total person, my grateful experience. Please visit the website for an overview of Deanne’s amazing qualifications and client successes. G. F. Sunny Zimmermann, III Feelin’ way good!”


“One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. That was how I was treating my chronic migraines and back pain. I was becoming bedridden from the pain and my lifestyle was deteriorating in spite of medication. It was time for a change. In the spring of 2013, I asked Deanne DeForest to become my wellness coach. My first session consisted of a thorough assessment of my physical and emotional health. She explained how they were interconnected. We discussed nutrition and the importance of sleep. My sessions consisted of myofascial stretching release and pain management to ease my pain. Deanne taught me meditation techniques to relax, to breath diaphragmatically, and she is teaching me the importance of mindfulness and being in the present – not dwelling on the past, nor worrying about the future. As my personal trainer, Deanne works on specific muscle groups and cardio development. Through our yoga sessions, I am becoming more flexible. This summer, water fitness was added to further ease inflammation of sore muscles and joints. She is mindful of my doctors interventions and works in conjunction with my medical care. I may never be completely free of chronic pain, but with Deanne as my wellness coach and personal trainer, I am developing the coping skills to manage my pain and enjoy my life more fully. I am strong, healthy, and happy. I have control over my life and my sanity is back.”


“I came to Deanne with serious aches in my hip and shoulder. She started working with me focusing on strength and flexibility. One day she suggested I start running, I told her “No, I don’t run”. But we started slow and now I’m running 2-3 days per week. Deanne has done a wonderful job of knowing my strengths and weaknesses. She is very personable and encouraging, without being pushy. I always look forward to my workouts with Deanne.”