Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy includes holistic rehabilitation services for multiple medical issues from orthopedic (neck, back, pelvis, limbs, hands and feet), neurological (spinal injury/compression/surgery, chronic pain, neuropathy, and tremors), oncological (cancer recovery, chemotherapy residual), amputation (loss of limb, mastectomy), autoimmune, burn recovery, respiratory (COPD, asthma), gastrointestinal, stroke (CVA, paralysis), cardiovascular (heart attack, bypass), musculoskeletal, diabetes, effects of pregnancy, and more. MD order and communication may be requested. Treatments are typically 1X to 2X per week and may be offered in complimentary conjunction with personal training and group fitness. Services are out-of-pocket and affordable.

  • A Comprehensive Evaluation includes physical assessment, review of medical history, treatments, precautions, medications, sleep/eating/lifestyle habits, and goals. Together, a treatment plan is established tailored to each person’s needs to help them effectively achieve marked levels of improvement in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Therapeutic Massage can include select body areas, or full body working through tight, painful, scarred, swollen, stiff, and achy areas. Other specialized body work compliments massage including deep stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphedema mobilization, wrapping, splinting, postural correction, and care of targeted areas. Electrical stimulation (TENS), warm stones, healing oils, rollers, and other modalities may be utilized to improve outcomes. Bodywork facilitates improved tissue health, oxygenation, detoxification and stimulates the bodies own healing abilities and immune response.
  • Body Therapies may include increasing joint range of motion, muscle and tendon strength, elasticity, and recovery, cardiovascular conditioning for endurance, balance training, fine motor coordination, compensatory strategies to maintain independence, and reduction/elimination of pain. Life coaching fosters independence with daily living and work skills, body mechanics training, time management education, stress resilience tools, and nutritional education for weight management and body fueling.
  • Holistic Integrative Therapies such as reflexology, energy work and balancing, breathing techniques, aromatherapy with 100% pure essential oils, multimodal meditation techniques, restorative yoga positioning and massage, and mind-body education enhance treatment outcomes for mental clarity, body renewal, and spiritual wellbeing. All care is heart centered, research based, and healing, designed to bring out the best, restore energy, and increase contentment.

Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINING programs include a variety of exercises tailored to each participants needs, medical concerns, and goals.  Typical sessions are 1-2 X per week for a period of time conducive to success.  Modalities may include a variety of techniques such as weight training to tone and sculpt muscles; stretching to improve flexibility and ease stiffness and discomfort; cardiovascular fitness to improve stamina; mind-body meditation and yoga to improve mental focus and enhance emotions; and life coaching to improve lifestyle habits. Personal fitness programs and wellness habits can be carried into daily life for use at home, school, and the workplace. Services are complimentary and often in conjunction with occupational therapy services and group fitness.

  • Weight Training involves the handling and use of various types of weights to create resistance and build strength and muscle definition.   Dumb-bells, kettleballs, weighted medicine balls, weight lifting machines, stair steppers, climbers, and rowing machines are also used to target specific muscle groups while keeping certain areas of the body stabilized. Resistance training can also include straps, elastic bands, medicine balls, TRX straps for suspension training, and other equipment which create an opposing force to challenge muscles. In the Personal Training Program, Deanne uses a combination of weights, machines, and other products, as well as pilates techniques to build strength while toning and sculpting the body. This is often planned in conjunction with other wellness activities.
  • Stamina endurance training includes activities to improve cardio (heart) vascular (vessels) fitness, increase overall energy, and increase the metabolism. Aerobic conditioning may be achieved in a variety of ways including, running, swimming, and cycling. Gym equipment such as the treadmill, oliptical, climbing and rowing machines and stationary bicycles are used for this. Also short high burst exercise trials will elevate the heart rate and build stamina. Outdoor fitness may include bicycle riding, swimming, tennis, running, and equipment handling to achieve this goal.
  • Flexibility – Deanne specializes in increasing flexibility and body mobility making everyday movement more smooth and effortless. She guides clients through a series of stretches and restorative positions to increase joint range of motion and muscle elasticity. Deep stretching bodywork, yoga and pilates techniques, and focused positioning are used to lengthen myofascia, muscle tissue, and improve joint performance. This often leads to diminishment and even elimination of body pain and stiffness.


Yoga is designed for adults from beginners to the more advanced. Deanne’s Yoga instruction is a blend of yoga, pilates, qi gong, and breathwork choreographed to holistically tone the body, glide the joints, ease tension, and clear the mind. Breathflow is an integral part of this class to improve tidal lung volume, reduce stress, and enhance energy. Deanne facilitates smooth transitions through positions and provides step by step instruction with safety cuing to create an enjoyable experience for all ages. Specialized classes are available for: Aerial Yoga, Restorative Sit and Fit Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and Mom-Babe Yoga.

Sessions draw to a close with a relaxing and refreshing meditation. This class provides a comfortably toned body with improved mobility, a calm focused mind, and an uplifted spirit. Classes may be inside or outside.

Supplies: Mats, straps, blocks, balls, aerial hammocks, cushions may be part of this class.

Participants generally need to be able to get up and down from the ground and tolerate outdoor conditions. This class requires weight bearing on the floor in sitting, prone (chest down), and supine (chest up) positions; and inversions if using the aerial hammocks.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a new exciting venue which has many health benefits including offloading the spine, increasing strength and flexibility, providing restorative positions to release tight tissue, and providing a unique antigravity sensory experience. This class requires generally good health with certain medical precautions. Weight limitations of 250# or less; and moderate strength is needed. Supplies may include: aerial hammock, mat, water, towel.

Yoga Sit and Fit

This medical/restorative fitness class involves yoga poses, total body stretching, calisthenics and breathwork in the standing and sitting position. Perfect for people with conditions which limit their ability to get up and down from the ground, have limited standing tolerance, endurance, or or joint mobility. Supplies may include straps, bands, blocks, and light hand weights.

Prenatal Yoga

This class cares for pregnant mother’s to be, as they move from first to final trimester. It includes gentle stretches, breathwork, and yoga positions to strengthen the body, ease the mind, and reduce back strain as a result of body changes. It also has lovely mindbody components drawing loving attention to the unborn baby. Supplies may include mat, pillows, straps, blocks, and blankets.

Mom-Babe Yoga

Designed for parent and baby fitness with precious bonding moments. Both Mom and babe enjoy stretches, body positions, and warm connection with body strengthening and lengthening, yoga breathwork, calisthenics, and meditation. Casual baby friendly atmosphere allows relaxation for all. Supplies may include: Baby care items for private nursing and diaper care, mat, blanket, pillows, straps, and blocks. Babies should be less than one year, not quite walking for safety in the group.


on the Ball is a favorite for those seeking a fun and dynamic method to increase strength, balance, mobility, and lung capacity. Deanne’s pilates instruction also includes elements of yoga, calisthenics, and breathing in a series of exercises targeting major muscle groups and joints while moving the body with a large exercise ball. It includes step by step instruction for beginners to more advanced student, allowing each person progress as they learn. his class requires weightbearing on the ball and/or the floor in sitting, prone (chest down), and supine (chest up) positions. Supplies may include: Mats, Strap, and Large Exercise Ball.

Mind-Body – Wellness Education

  • Meditation and Mindfulness – Deanne teaches a variety of methods to achieve a state of calm with mental focus. Clients follow guided relaxation meditations to achieve a rejuvenating mind body experience. Meditation assists with achieving mental focus and intention quieting the brain and allowing for productive or creative thinking. This is particularly helpful to improve work performance, prepare for a challenging task, to improve athletic performance or accuracy, and to ease anxiety or sadness. Practices can be integrated into mindful lifestyle habits to improve performance and facilitate a state of wellbeing.
  • Relaxation Techniques – These sessions of mind-body care may include myofascial release with deep stretching and healing modalities (warm stones, foam rollers, 100% pure essential oils). Guided relaxation helps to ease the body and facilitate a state of inner peace. Also, holistic energy balancing, crystal healing, tibetan bowls, native drum healing, and sage smudging are available upon request.
  • Life Coaching and Consulting. Wellness education topics may include but are not limited to: mindfulness and selfcare practices for a optimal living, relationship building, coping with stress and loss, lifestyle eating practices, weight management, stress resilience, pain management, body mechanics, joint protection, creative arts, home programs for fitness, and sleep enhancement. Topics can be incorporated into a fitness class package with group participation to enhance the learning opportunity. Corporate and school consultation services available.

Referrals – Participants with significant medical conditions should obtain approval from their doctors before attending a BodySong Wellness program. Deanne’s services can be a supplement to, but not a substitute for medical or psychological care. Certain conditions may warrant an MD order. Waiver/Consent forms must be signed prior to participation in ANY program. All approaches are designed to allow the participate to optimize their health and wellbeing and to render no harm. All levels of participation are at the participants own risk.