Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINING programs include a variety of exercises tailored to each participants needs, medical concerns, and goals.  Typical sessions are 1-2 X per week for a period of time conducive to success.  Modalities may include a variety of techniques such as weight training to tone and sculpt muscles; stretching to improve flexibility and ease stiffness and discomfort; cardiovascular fitness to improve stamina; mind-body meditation and yoga to improve mental focus and enhance emotions; and life coaching to improve lifestyle habits. Personal fitness programs and wellness habits can be carried into daily life for use at home, school, and the workplace. Services are complimentary and often in conjunction with occupational therapy services and group fitness.

            • Weight Training involves the handling and use of various types of weights to create resistance and build strength and muscle definition.   Dumb-bells, kettleballs, weighted medicine balls, weight lifting machines, stair steppers, climbers, and rowing machines are also used to target specific muscle groups while keeping certain areas of the body stabilized. Resistance training can also include straps, elastic bands, medicine balls, TRX straps for suspension training, and other equipment which create an opposing force to challenge muscles.   In the Personal Training Program, Deanne uses a combination of weights, machines, and other products, as well as pilates techniques to build strength while toning and sculpting the body.   This is often planned in conjunction with other wellness activities.
            • Stamina endurance training includes activities to improve cardio (heart) vascular (vessels) fitness, increase overall energy, and increase the metabolism.   Aerobic conditioning may be achieved in a variety of ways including, running, swimming, and cycling. Gym equipment such as the treadmill, oliptical, climbing and rowing machines and stationary bicycles are used for this. Also short high burst exercise trials will elevate the heart rate and build stamina. Outdoor fitness may include bicycle riding, swimming, tennis, running, and equipment handling to achieve this goal.
            • Flexibility – Deanne specializes in increasing flexibility and body mobility making everyday movement more smooth and effortless. She guides clients through a series of stretches and restorative positions to increase joint range of motion and muscle elasticity. Deep stretching bodywork, yoga and pilates techniques, and focused positioning are used to lengthen myofascia, muscle tissue, and improve joint performance. This often leads to diminishment and even elimination of body pain and stiffness.