Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy includes holistic rehabilitation services for multiple medical issues from orthopedic (neck, back, pelvis, limbs, hands and feet), neurological (spinal injury/compression/surgery, chronic pain, neuropathy, and tremors), oncological (cancer recovery, chemotherapy residual), amputation (loss of limb, mastectomy), autoimmune, burn recovery, respiratory (COPD, asthma), gastrointestinal, stroke (CVA, paralysis), cardiovascular (heart attack, bypass), musculoskeletal, diabetes, effects of pregnancy, and more. MD order and communication may be requested. Treatments are typically 1X to 2X per week and may be offered in complimentary conjunction with personal training and group fitness. Services are out-of-pocket and affordable.


  • A Comprehensive Evaluation includes physical assessment, review of medical history, treatments, precautions, medications, sleep/eating/lifestyle habits, and goals. Together, a treatment plan is established tailored to each person’s needs to help them effectively achieve marked levels of improvement in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Therapeutic Massage can include select body areas, or full body working through tight, painful, scarred, swollen, stiff, and achy areas. Other specialized body work compliments massage including deep stretching, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphedema mobilization, wrapping, splinting, postural correction, and care of targeted areas. Electrical stimulation (TENS), warm stones, healing oils, rollers, and other modalities may be utilized to improve outcomes. Bodywork facilitates improved tissue health, oxygenation, detoxification and stimulates the bodies own healing abilities and immune response.
  • Body Therapies may include increasing joint range of motion, muscle and tendon strength, elasticity, and recovery, cardiovascular conditioning for endurance, balance training, fine motor coordination, compensatory strategies to maintain independence, and reduction/elimination of pain. Life coaching fosters independence with daily living and work skills, body mechanics training, time management education, stress resilience tools, and nutritional education for weight management and body fueling.
  • Holistic Integrative Therapies such as reflexology, energy work and balancing, breathing techniques, aromatherapy with 100% pure essential oils, multimodal meditation techniques, restorative yoga positioning and massage, and mind-body education enhance treatment outcomes for mental clarity, body renewal, and spiritual wellbeing. All care is heart centered, research based, and healing, designed to bring out the best, restore energy, and increase contentment.