MY COMMITMENT: The passion in my work is heart centered, care focused, and research based to help my clients achieve their personal goals in wellness. My approach is therapeutic and focused, identifying trouble areas and working with each person to overcome obstacles. I view each person as a unique individual complete with their talents, lifestyle habits, and personal preferences. With this in mind, I am committed to provide a variety of approaches tailored to address the total person… the body, the mind, and the spirit.

I am knowledgable and skilled with Holistic Occupational Therapy and Personal Training: therapeutic massage, myofascial release and deep tissue work, pain management, strength training, bone and joint health through conditioning and range of motion, deep stretching, restorative and therapeutic fitness. Further, I guide and teach relaxation techniques, meditation, and lifestyle management to help clients be their best at home or in the workplace.

WHO I WORK WITH: I work with people from babies to the elderly in all walks of life, levels of fitness, types of bodies, and levels of health. I specialize in medical fitness teaching safe techniques for those with concerns such as arthritis, joint replacement, chronic pain, cardiac, respiratory, cancer, amputation, developmental delay, diabetes, obesity, visually impaired, stroke, spinal issues, pregnancy and more. I also offer prenatal and parent-baby yoga fitness.

ONE ON ONE: For one on one wellness, we begin with a confidential wellness evaluation and set up goals together to address areas of need. Each program is individualized and set up for success, adding challenge at a level that is realistic. Along with body work and developing the skills of mindful living, clients often improve their ability to cope with life challenges and improve personal wellbeing.

GROUP CONNECTIONS: Aside from just being fun, group classes offer great venues for making friends and connecting people. I am available for private group fitness instruction with educational and fun topics of interest. This type of consultation is perfect for the corporate community bringing staff together for a great experience boosting moral, and knowledge that can be applied to the workplace. Classes can be set up at the end of a work shift in a space such as a meeting room, auditorium, or garden area. Neighborhood friends can coordinate classes in a similar fashion. Lunch rooms in schools and churches are also great spots for an exciting mini workshop or fitness session among friends. Please contact me for CLASS locations.

I welcome you to join me in your own personal adventure in improvement, renewal, and focus.
“Gain Strength, Live Well, and Let you Body Sing!”

With Light and Love,



Deanne DeForest, President of BodySong Wellness LLC offers holistic skills as an occupational therapist, personal trainer, yoga and pilates instructor, and wellness educator in the Lakeland community.

With distinction, Deanne received a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy in 1989 (Phi Theta Epsilon), a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in 1983, an Associates Degree in Multimedia Technology in 2000. She has numerous certifications in the field of wellness, including but not limited to personal training, Reiki Master III, yoga (revolutionary, therapeutic,restorative, and aerial), pilates, weight training, sports nutrition, aromatherapy, rehab fitness specialist, deep tissue massage, tai chi and chi-kung massage, breathing techniques, and Zumba fitness. She provides consultation and mini workshops to businesses and schools. With 25+ years of experience in the healing and therapeutic rehabilitative arts, she is a motivating asset to those ready for make changes in their lives toward healthy, energized, and balanced living.

Deanne resides in Lakeland Florida with her son and family. She enjoys family time, art and photography (visit:, nature exploration, gardening, kayaking, camping, hiking, and sailing.

She is affiliated with Occupational Therapy Association (Licensed in Florida), Fitness organizations, Polk Wellness Professionals, Lakeland Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Polk County Schools, Health, Fitness and Rehab Organizations, Environmental Protection Groups, and the Arts Community.